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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 17, Team Scorpion goes to Greenland to help fix the world's backup food supply. Toby stays behind in the warmth to help Ralph with his history project.

In Greenland, the team realizes that the computer's time is off, and that is why it is malfunctioning. In order to fix it, Sly triggers a reboot. During the reboot, the facility locks down, and the team is separated.

This would not be a big deal if Sly, Cabe, and Happy had not breathed in a dangerous fungus which causes hallucinations. They experience their worst fear. For Cabe, it's getting old and being weak. For Happy, it's being rejected by potential parents and Toby. For Sly, it's chickens.

As if things aren't bad enough, after the hallucinations, the team will slip into a coma and die if they aren't treated. Toby, Walter, Paige, and Ralph have to try to break through the hallucinations and get the rest of their team to think logically and perform a necessary task that will open up the doors.

Thankfully, everything works out okay. Paige does suffer a brief exposure to the fungus, which causes her to hallucinate Walter making out with an attractive woman.

Back stateside, it's time for the debate between Patel and Sly. After facing his fear of chickens and remembering how brave he is, Sly crushes it.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You don't need to warn me about getting lost in the blizzard. Been there. Done that.


Sly: In my dream my boxers were made of pimento loaf. What does that mean?
Toby: That you are completely messed up.