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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 18, Happy becomes concerned when her internet, mechanic friend does not respond to her message. This prompts Happy to hack the website and discover that her friend is Ada Pierce. When Happy goes to Ada's house, she immediately sees a transformer on the house and a whole lot of firefighters.

Ada doesn't have an immune system, so she has spent the past 3 years in a bubble. Power can't be shut off because then Ada's bubble would shut down, and Ada would die. Right on top of Ada's bubble, there's a ton of debris and the transformer. Sparks are flying.

Team Scorpion begins to play a dangerous game of Jenga to remove all the debris, but the bubble is about to break. The mission shifts from protecting the bubble to getting Ada out of the bubble. After raiding the fire trucks outside, Team Scorpion develops a sort of space suit for Ada, which will keep her safe while they transport her to a makeshift bubble aka a meat locker.

After submerging Ada in honey and setting the meat locker on fire with her in the honey container, the day is saved! Ada had one crazy day.

The rest of Team Scorpion hasn't had the best day. Sly lost the race, but, on the bright side, he found a way to save the Warlock's Chest. Tim and Paige broke up, and Cabe broke up with Allie after learning she posted the video showing Sly wiping his hand on his sweater after shaking hands with a veteran.

Team Scorpion isn't done working miracles yet though. Toby decides that it's the perfect time to throw a Winter Formal, and thanks to the wonders of virtual reality, Ada is able to be there and dance with Sly!

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Walter: Oh this is incredible. It's like a science experiment come to life.
Paige: Hi, I'm Paige. He didn't mean to reduce your life to a science experiment.
Ada: He must be Walter. Happy said that he was a wackadoodle.

You see what I just did? I asked Paige if she was okay. When she told me an obvious lie, and I let her be. She clearly doesn't want to get into it. I'm making progress. Good for me!