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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 13, Team Scorpion takes on a simple job at the winery, except nothing is simple with these geniuses. The clients arrange a limo to the winery, and once the team, minus Happy and Toby, get on the bus, they are drugged and knocked out.

The team wakes up in South America, and they are forced make counterfeit money. Thankfully, Veronica decides to join Team Scorpion on this case, and she knows a thing or two about counterfeiting money and about escaping capture.

While Toby samples the wine at the winery, Happy realizes that they are being followed. Thanks to some wine, Happy and Toby manage to knock out the bad guy that was after them, and they pull a key fob off of him.

In South America, Veronica and Paige are taken to a different room to work on one aspect of the counterfeiting. Veronica is able to get a message to Walter, Sly, and Cabe, which allows them to escape. As they go for help, they realize that they aren't in South America. They are still in the US.

Lucinda and the guards realize that half of Team Scorpion has broken out, and Paige and Veronica will pay the price. Thankfully, Cabe, Walter, and Sly show up and save the day. Toby and Happy crack the encryption on the key fob, and they relay the location of a warehouse to the rest of the team.

The team, minus Happy and Toby, head to the warehouse that the key fob opens. They discover that it is a federal weigh station. Before Team Scorpion can alert the authorities, Lucinda and company lock Team Scorpion in the room with all the money. They pump in the same knock out gas, but this time at a higher concentration, which will keep the Team Scorpion members inside.

After destroying the imaginary conch, Walter manages to save the day.


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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Veronica: What if I said it was bring your mom to work day?
Paige: I'd say that it doesn't exist. I'd ask you where you'd been, but I'd probably get a lie.

Honesty will get you points at the pearly gates. In politics, it gets you crushed.