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On Season 3 Episode 2, Sly's gambling wins the attention of El Skunko. He agrees to make a trade. He gives Team Scorpion information on the hackers if they lend him Sly. Turns out El Skunko has a grudge match against a Chinese player, and he wants Sly to clean him out.

Meanwhile, the team finds out that the hackers have taken control of warships and a nuclear sub. Thanks to Toby's obsession with men with giant balls, Walter figures out a way to disrupt the signal to take control of a warship. He borrows one of the guy's giant aluminum balls, and fires it at the battleship. It's raining metallic confetti!

Even though Team Scorpion gains control of the warship back, they still don't have control of the nuclear sub. The hackers have armed the nuke, and they are going to launch it in 3 minutes. The captain of the sub wants to sink the sub to save American lives, but Cabe manages to convince him to hear his team through.

After Sly loses the game, El Skunko figures out that Sly is a government employee. Luckily for him, he meets a nice woman in the forest who is married to a plan. They manage to radio for help.

Walter's plan to save the sub is to fire the nuke. Once it gets far enough from the sub, Walter is able to hack it and change it's route. Of course that will only work if Tim and Cabe stop the hackers in time. Thankfully, you can always count on Tim and Cabe.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

What's amazing is the sanest thing we'll do today is launch an enormous aluminum ball at a battleship.


Tim: I feel like Walter was dishonest.
Cabe: This might sound odd, but behaviorally, it might be progress for Walter.
Tim: Yeah, well, he and I still need to have a little talk.
Cabe: Does that include him getting slugged in the mouth?
Tim: It's currently being considered.