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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 9, it's Thanksgiving and all Paige wants to do is have a normal, family meal. Come on, this is Scorpion we are talking about! Walter takes a job on Thanksgiving from a real estate agent, Veronica, but it turns out, she is Paige's mom!

Saying that Paige is not happy to see her mother is an understatement. She reveals to Toby that her mother is a con woman who spent most of Paige's life in jail. This makes Paige not believe anything her mother says.

Veronica's story is that she is representing Swiss bankers who want to buy a bank, when low and behold, she uncovers a nuclear reactor! The team has to get the reactor somewhere safe because the building that it is currently in is falling apart. 

As Team Scorpion transports the reactor in the truck, the "Swiss bankers" start shooting at them. Why? Oh, well that's because they think Veronica has a bunch of money that they are owed in the truck. Miscommunications like this happen all the time.

With the help of Super Fun Guy, Team Scorpion is able to safely get the reactor into the ocean until it can be picked up and properly disposed of by the government. Now, it's time for Thanksgiving, and Paige decides to let her mom join them and meet Ralph.



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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You shouldn't slap another man's sauce.


I'd say turkey isn't the only bird Cabe has his eye on today.