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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 8, Team Scorpion, minus Quintis, takes a trip to Ireland for Pattern Day, where a rock will be blessed with Megan's name. Sly's nervous about meeting all the family, but, apparently, he's done such a good job communicating with them via video chat and words with friends that everyone likes him more than Walter. Talk about awkward.

Cabe, Toby, and Ralph devise a plan to get Walter to like Tim, hoping that it will lead him to give up on Paige. Toby thinks that if Walter likes Tim, then Walter will see that Paige made the logical choice in picking him as her boyfriend. Yeah, what could go wrong?

In Ireland, Walter realizes that the lake is going to explode due to high amounts of carbon dioxide. No one in the town believes Walter, so they continue with the precession as planned. 

When Tim and Walter realize they've been duped, the tensions flare. This happens to coincide with the moment when things start to go horribly wrong for Team Scorpion. What a coincidence.

In the end, Walter manages to convince everyone that he wasn't making the exploding lake and invisible carbon dioxide cloud up. Walter joins forces with Tim to save the day, and to also beat the crap out of Walter's neighbors who have teased him since birth. Mark this one down in the victory column.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

If Walt actually liked Tim, saw in him what Paige saw, he'd realize Paige made the logical choice and stop trying to win her.


Tim: When I want something at the grocery store, I usually just ask someone who works there.
Walter: Yeah but with this, you won't have to talk to...anyone.
Tim: Right.
Cabe: This is what happens when you don't interact enough.