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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 22, Team Scorpion is hired to fix the power grid in a Mars biosphere. Kapper Aerospace Industries sent two scientists in there 11 months ago in order to earn funding from NASA.

Toby, Happy, and Walter go in and quickly learn that Mr. Kapper lied about the state of the biosphere. It's a mess, as are the two scientists. When Happy goes to repair the power grid, she finds it moments away from exploding. The explosion creates a deadly situation where the temperature is quickly rising.

The team only has half an hour before the temperature is so hot that it will cause everyone in the biodome to die. Don't worry, the team is able to get Happy, Toby, Walter, and the two scientists out safely, but it is a pretty close call. It turns out, a party bus and piñatas can come in handy.

Upon entering the biodome, Walter begins to remember his time with Paige in space (aka when he was hallucinating). He confronts Toby, Happy, and even Paige with this, but everyone lies to him.

Once Walter remembers everything, he feels betrayed by Paige. Later on at the garage, he tells Paige that she has really helped him talk to people and handle his emotions; therefore, her job is done. He lets her go, but tells her that he's lined up a job for her with Mr. Elliot, his billionaire friend.




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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Toby: It's taking him back to when he thought he was star hopping with Paige.
Happy: He said a lot of things to Paige up there. It's best these memories stay buried.

Happy: I don't want to junk up my apartment.
Toby: It's no longer your apartment. It is our home. We have the extra bedroom.
Happy: My motorcycle room? I'm not losing my bikes to your yard sale.