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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 17, Team Scorpion's latest mission involves them going into an underground lab in Colorado, which ends up being more dangerous than they expected. You see, if they stay in the lab for longer than four hours, their IQ will drop significantly.

Before heading off on the mission, Toby and Happy visit some fertility doctors, and Happy gets frustrated at Toby's inability to make a decision. She pokes fun at his status as the holder of the lowest IQ of the geniuses of Team Scorpion.

After completing the mission, the geniuses decide to tour the super cool lab, even though they know that this would put them past the four-hour mark. They couldn't resist looking at the cool toys.

Sure enough, they are down there too long, and when Walter tries to do a quick fix when a nozzle of a hydrogen tank comes off (thanks to a prairie dog), his lower IQ ends up setting off a dangerous chain reaction.

Cabe and Paige end up having to talk the former geniuses through a series of rather simple tasks, as the geniuses can't seem to do one thing correctly without guidance. Just when the geniuses do one thing right, something goes terribly wrong, like an explosion going off in the elevator, rendering Toby unconscious.

Thanks to Paige's knowledge of vacuum-sealing leftovers, she's able to talk the team into reviving Toby and returning him back to his full IQ, making him the smartest person in the lab. Naturally, Toby gloats.

After a couple more setbacks, the geniuses are able to escape the bunker with the help of some miners.

While this case is going on, Ralph attends a convention with Florence and talks Sly up the entire time. He even manages to get Florence to help Sly with his new project. 

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Happy: No medicine for you, wishy-washy. I should've figured as much from the lowest genius IQ on the team.
Toby: Geez, you're really mad at me.

Cabe: I don't trust bottled water. I had a real spring on my grandfather's farm upstate when I was a boy. The best I ever tasted.
Sly: Thank you Cabe for that entirely unhelpful insight.