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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 2, Team Scorpion is still trying to prevent an extinction event, and Homeland isn't providing them with any backup. Who needs Homeland Security when you can steal a Russian military grade hospital. It's time to be bad guys.

Collins is able to get them into the hotel, and from there, it's divide and conquer. Toby, Sly, and Happy gather one ingredient. Walter and Paige steal a mirror from the workout room, and Cabe and Collins immobilize one of the helicopter's pilots.

It doesn't take long for the hotel staff to become aware that Americans have infiltrated the hotel, and Happy firing a missile at Norway doesn't help keep things quiet.

Happy, Toby, and Sly make it up in the helicopter. It's up to Cabe, Paige, Walter, and Collins to get all the necessary ingredients into the air to create snow that will block the fissures that are releasing methane.

Collins fakes an injury to his ankle in order to get Cabe to remove his stun cuff. As soon as it's off, Collins runs. 

While the plan works and the extinction event is averted, but Collins' damage is done. Cabe is arrested for instigating an escape.

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Happy: I can fly the copter. Pilot's license, remember?
Toby: Oh yeah, last time you flew us somewhere, we crashed.
Happy: P.A.N.N.S. remember? No disparaging of ideas.

Walter: Right now what is our number one problem?
Toby: I'm being forced to work with a man who tried to murder me.