When you watch Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9 Online, you'll join Team Scorpion as they try to save Cabe's ex-wife's Rebecca's life. She accidentally uncovered a scheme to kill a congressman.

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When you watch Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9 Online, you'll meet Cabe's ex-wife, Rebecca. It's a typically reunion. She tells Cabe that someone is trying to kill her. Don't worry, Rebecca. Team Scorpion is on the case. Rebecca uncovered a money laundering ring that set up a special election. It doesn't take long until the bad guys learn of Team Scorpion's involvement. The team has to go into hiding in a house that holds special meaning to Cabe and Rebecca. It's where their daughter Amanda died. After identifying a man involved in the congressman's death, the team figures out that the congressman was murdered because of his opposition on a bill. The celebration is cut short when someone drives away with Rebecca tied up in the backseat. Thanks to some tricky manuevers, Cabe and Walter catch up to Rebecca and her kidnapper. Earlier, Drew approached Walter to say thanks and ask for his opinion on how Ralph would react if Drew got a job pitching on AA team in Portland. Drew asks Walter not to tell anyone about it because the two of them obviously have a stronger bond than Walter has with Ralph or Paige. In the end, Walter never gives Drew an answer, and Drew says he is trying to do right by Ralph.

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On Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9, the team helps Cabe's ex-wife Rebecca. Someone is trying to kill her after she uncovered a money laundering scheme.

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They actually make a good match.


He's uncouth but effective.

Agent Gallo