Watch Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 Online to watch what happens when Team Scorpion encounters a biological virus that can attack a specific person.

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Watch Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2 online to watch the team go after someone who can not only program a virus to infect one specific computer, but also do the same with a biological virus. Team Scorpion figures out that the person who sent the email hangs out a specific hacker den. Hackers always seem to hang out in the darkest of places, do they not? The hacker lets slip that he sent four emails, meaning there are four sick children, not just one. Yup, things are looking great for Team Scorpion. Don't worry though, they piece together the connection, break some coffee mugs, and break into a pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, Walter is thinking about his sister. She saved him back during school, and she helped Walter survive school. Paige starts to ask questions about Walter's sister because she feels Walter is acting more irrational than normal. Working with Homeland Security does not mean that the law will be obeyed, apparently. Thanks to Sylvester's heroic act of breaking in, the team figures out who is behind the attacks, and that there is another target. It becomes a race to find the Governor before he is infected with a new virus, which will instantly kill him.

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Scorpion helps the Governor figure out who bio-hacked his daughter. It turns out that his daughter wasn't the only one who is being targeted. Walter opens up about his sister.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Alright, hide the mugs. I'm coming down.


You'll have to forgive Mr. O'Brien. He is a genius but impolitic.

Agent Gallo