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In the Scoundrels pilot, "And Jill Came Tumbling After," a family of small-town criminals is shaken when their father is sentenced to a surprisingly long prison term.

Wolfgang “Wolf” West is arrested for grand larceny and incarcerated. He's going away for five years.

With him gone, Cheryl West has to deal with her four delinquent children alone:

  • Cal, who works along side his father in the family “business.” He robbed the Hong house, but they changed their story and he ended up getting away with it clean.
  • Heather, who owes money to a sleazy photographer who was holding a bunch of racy pictures he took of her, which she thinks will make her the next supermodel.
  • Hope, who has a bad attitude and hasn’t been to school in months, but is blackmailing the principal with photos of her sleeping with Cal’s twin brother Logan.
  • Logan, speak of the devil, was admitted to the California State Bar. As you can see, he's sort of out of place with the rest of this crew.

As Sgt. Mack stopped by Logan’s party, Cheryl told him the West family plans to go straight. Supposedly Cal is working over at the Hongs  to pay off the heirloom he smashed and Hope is attending school, and Heather is working at Rusty’s flipping burgers.

How long will this new life of non-crime last? We'll find out!

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