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Chanel throws a funeral for #2 after #2's body is discovered. She gives a scathing eulogy insulting #2 and criticizing her for never having her back.

Chanels #3, 5 and 6 go check on Chanel after the funeral. Chanel is upset and eating candy in her closet. The Chanels suggest that Chanel contact #2 via a ouija board so that #2 can make amends.

The Chanels appear to make contact with #2, who spells out that Chad is cheating on Chanel.

Gigi is at home cooking dinner, when she receives a call from her accomplice. She is angry at her accomplice, clarifying that they are killers not kidnappers, hellbent on revenge, and that they need to take care of "him." She mentions that they are enacting a decades-in-the-making revenge plot. She refers to several accomplices being inefficient at killing. She hangs up and lies about who she was speaking with when Wes arrives for dinner.

Grace takes Gigi out to buy modern clothes the next day, which Gigi resists in favor of her 90s duds. Grace asks Gigi whether her father is still angry at her about not leaving campus. Gigi tells Grace that he's worried, not angry. Gigi also suggests to Grace that Grace and Pete talk to Feather McCarthy, a sister at Kappa from several years back, about Dean Munsch.

Grace and Pete get Feather's story when they invite her over to Kappa. Two years prior, Feather met Dr. Munsch when he was her Beatles 101 professor and fell in love with him despite him not being attractive at all. When Dr. Munsch asked for a divorce, Dean Munsch went crazy. She kicked Dr. Munsch out of the house and he moved into KKT where Dean Munsch proceeded to keep showing up dressed exactly like Feather. The Dean had Feather kicked out of KKT. After the divorce went through, Stephen and Feather moved into the house, where Feather was almost killed via transistor radio in the bathtub.

Grace and Pete ask Feather to go on record as a source against Dean Munsch and Feather agrees. Feather returns home that night to find Dr. Munsch dead and dismembered.

Chanel goes to the Dollar Scholar house to confront Chad about his apparent cheating. She walks in on Chad in bed with a goat and accuses him of cheating and having sex with a goat. She Chad explains that he is lactose intolerant and that he massages the goat so that he can milk it for lactose-free milk. Chanel apologizes for doubting him and they reconcile.

Dean Munsch weaves a tale about drunkenly falling down the stairs and injuring herself the night before while talking to Detective Chisolm. Chisolm tells her that he and the guys at the station are pretty sure she killed her husband and that it is likely she is linked to the other murders. He tells her she's under arrest, which she doesn't believe at first. He calls for backup and she is taken away in a straightjacket as Feather looks on.

Pete and Grace discuss that the crime is solved now that the Dean has been arrested. Pete convinces her that now they can resume making out. They start kissing but are interrupted by Dean Munsch calling Grace from the mental hospital, telling them to come visit her the following day.

Grace and Pete go to visit the Dean, who is thrilled to be in the mental hospital where she has plenty of time on her hands to sketch and design dresses. Dean Munsch points the finger back at Feather, telling Grace and Pete to investigate Feather and in exchange she'll tell them what happened to the 1995 baby.

Grace and Pete go over the crime scene evidence. They realize that there was a half-eaten bologna sandwich at the crime scene and deduce that the Dean couldn't have killed her ex because she is allergic to bologna. They decide to head over to the crime scene to grab Feather's toothbrush to test her DNA against that of the sandwich.

The Chanels attempt to contact #2 again.They ask Chanel #2 who is killing everyone and she indicates that 'you' -- that Chanel is killing everyone.

Hester corrals the other Chanels upstairs and convinces them that they need to kill Chanel before she kills them. They try to brainstorm ways to do it. Chanel #5 comes up with an idea to poison Chanel's bras, but Hester shuts that idea down. Hester suggests throwing a sugar party where they trick Chanel into eating a bowl of crushed diamonds. Chanel interrupts to retrieve her bottle of Prunex. Hester and the others decide to kill Chanel that very same night.

Chanel wakes up and sees Chanel #2, who tells her that she's come back from hell to make amends with Chanel. She apologizes for her misdeeds. Chanel accepts #2's apology. #2 warns Chanel that the other Chanels are plotting to kill her that night by bashing her skull in with a bowling ball. She tells Chanel to be the bigger person and rise up and lead the KKT girls, rather than just killing them instead.

Grace and Pete break into the crime scene and retrieve Feather's toothbrush. Detective Chisolm confirms that the DNA on the toothbrush and the sandwich belongs to Feather. Chisolm says that Feather is the Red Devil as well as having killed Dr. Munsch. The Dean shows up, having been released after Feather's arrest. The detective says that since it's really unlikely there is a woman capable of killing her boyfriend at the same time as a serial killer, Feather must be the Red Devil.

Grace asks the Dean about the baby. The Dean tells her to come by her office next week.

Chanel confronts the Chanels about attempting to kill her. She criticizes their plan and tells them about Chanel #2 visiting her and giving her advice on being a good leader. She gifts them "Nancy Drew-looking hats" and giant magnifying lenses and tells them that the four of them will sleuth out who the real killer is. She voices her opinion that the killers are Zayday and Grace.

The Dean recounts and celebrates how she got away with killing her ex and managed to successfully frame Feather for the crime. Elsewhere, Feather is carted off to jail and thrown in solitary confinement.

As Grace and Zayday enter Kappa house, the Chanels stand and look down at them from the shadows above.

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As soon as Chanel #2's parents learned that their daughter's dead body had been found, they went on a cruise to celebrate. That's how much they hated this dead bitch!


Can it, manatees!