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Boone walks around in public, talking on the phone with his co-conspirator. Various people mistake him for Joaquin Phoenix. He tells the mystery caller that they will take care of Gigi that night and asks whether his co-conspirator has spoken with Zayday, asking how she's doing. His beard falls off and Chanel #3 spots him. She mistakes him for a ghost who has returned from the dead to seek vengeance on her for saying he couldn't "gay pledge" Kappa. Boone goes along with that. #3 runs off screaming.

It is the last night at Kappa house before the campus is evacuated. Chanel, dressed as Sacajawea, reveals to the Chanels that Chad invited her to take a trip to his family's compound for Thanksgiving. She tells them that Chad gave her a turkey wishbone necklace and that all women who receive the necklace get an engagement ring by Christmas. Chad also tells Chanel that his house is haunted by the ghost of a woman who dated his father and hung herself in their home when she came over, uninvited, for Thanksgiving dinner. The Chanels all suggest Chanel might die before she gets the engagement ring.

Zayday and Grace talk about the campus shutting down. Grace tries to insist that she's going to stay behind with Pete on campus to do more investigating, rather than going to have Thanksgiving with her father and Gigi. Zayday insists that Grace can't stay behind on her own and invites her to Thanksgiving with her family in Oakland. Grace agrees and hugs Zayday. They continue packing to leave.

Denise leads the Chanels in bubble wrapping each of their very expensive dresses. Chanel #3 is jumpy and finally confesses that she is being haunted by "dead gay Boone."

Denise gathers the Chanels near the fire, intending to distract them from their fear of being murdered. She tells them a Japanese ghost story about the Kappa, who lives in the toilet, pulling its victims in and drowning them in sewage. She tells them a second Japanese ghost story about The Red Cloak, a ghost who also waits in bathrooms and makes the victim choose between the red roll or blue roll of toilet paper. The other Chanels run off, terrified, but #6 remains behind and tells Denise she's enjoying herself when Denise offers her another ghost story.

Boone appears to Chad, pretending to be a ghost. Chad tells Boone about what happened in his absence, including who Chad slept with and who got murdered. Boone tells Chad he came back to deal with unfinished business. Boone asks to borrow Chad's date shirt so he can take Zayday out on a date. Chad is confused, because Boone is gay. Boone explains that if he has sex with Zayday he can stay on earth, per the expression "once you go black, you never go back." Chad warns Boone that Zayday is dating Earl Grey. Boone says he'll talk to Earl Grey and straighten him out.

Denise goes to the bathroom and finds the red and blue rolls in the stall, indicative of the Red Cloak ghost. While she's pondering what to choose, the Red Devil attacks her. She fights the Red Devil off, attempting to drown them in the toilet to no avail and then runs off.

Denise runs to the Chanels and tells them she was attacked. She refuses to let them leave before hearing another ghost story so she can calm down from her fear of the killer. Chanel #6 tells a story to the girls in front of the fireplace, about a sorority sister in the 1950's who was nearly attacked by the Meat Hook Killer.

Denise tells the group that she's calmed down and they can leave now. Chanel #5 tells them that the only way to defeat the killer is to cut off his "food supply" by leaving campus. #5 exits the room and the rest of the group waits to hear if she makes it downstairs alive before they leave.

Earl Grey helps Zayday pack. They discuss visiting one another now that the campus is shut down. They start to make out, but Earl Grey rushes out to get his lotions and silk robe to make everything "perfect" for their romantic encounter. In his absence, Boone climbs through the window, wearing Chad's date shirt and carrying flowers. He tries to convince Zayday that he is a ghost and that he came back to earth to have sex with her. Zayday denies believing in ghosts and points out the fork mark on his hand, which matches where she stabbed the Red Devil who kidnapped her, when she made her escape.

Grace enters the room and is shocked to see Boone. Zayday tells her what Boone is trying to do. They both accuse him of being the Red Devil killer and having faked his death so no one would suspect him. The close in on him and he ends up falling out the window. When they look out, he isn't there.

The two girls run downstairs and tell Denise and the Chanels that Boone was upstairs. Zayday seems uncertain about whether he was actually a ghost, while Grace is insistent that he was not a ghost. Chanel #5 wonders why they are all still there and leaves the house carting her many suitcases.

Meanwhile, Earl Grey approaches the house with his seduction tools. Boone in the Red Devil costume kills Earl Grey, revealing himself to the dying Earl Grey.

Chanel #5 drives away from campus, her experience mirroring Chanel #6's ghost story from earlier about the 50's Kappa sister and the Meat Hook Killer. She hears on the radio that there is an APB out on Boone. A truck driver repeatedly honks at #5, forcing her to pull over. One of the Red Devils kills the truck driver who was honking to warn #5 that there was an attacker in her backseat. #5 turns tail and drives back to Wallace University.

Hester, now wearing her neckbrace again, confronts Chad about why he is taking Chanel home to meet his parents instead of her. Chad lists off insulting reasons about why he has been ignoring  Hester and is inviting Chanel instead of her. Hester cryptically says that they'll see how taking Chanel home for Thanksgiving goes, and leaves.

Back at Kappa house, #5 has returned and is freaking out that no one is comforting her about her near death experience, while Grace comforts Zayday about Earl Grey's death. Zayday believes that Boone must have killed Earl Grey. Grace reassures her that the police have put out an APB on Boone. Chanel #3 panics, saying that the police cannot stop a ghost. She requests another ghost story so she can calm down.

Hester enters, revealing to Chanel and the rest of the girls that she was having sex with Chad as part of her revenge on rich girls like Chanel, and that she is now pregnant.

 Chanel goes to confront Chad, who is still packing. She asks him if it's true about Hester and reveals that Hester is pregnant. Chad apologizes to Chanel and admits that he thinks Hester is creepy. He tells her that he has to marry Hester now, because that's what Radwell men do. He offers that Chanel can still be his piece on the side, and Chanel freaks out. She tells Chad she wants him to pay the ultimate price and Chad realizes she is threatening to kill him. He asks if she is the killer and she cryptically says "we'll see" before leaving.

Chanel apologizes to Chanel #3 and #5 for her behavior, saying that she needs her sisters now more than ever. She recruits them to help her kill Chanel #6. #5 is hesitant but Chanel convinces them.

The detective talks to Grace and Zayday about his theory on the murderer: that the murderer is a ghost. They react in disbelief to his stupidity. He explains that he's brought a paranormal investigator from D.O.P.E. to investigate. Zayday berates the Dean for her inaction in apprehending the killer and stopping the murders. She and Grace storm off. The Dean insults the detective, saying she'll have him fired.

The Dean goes to talk to Zayday and Grace, as they are packing. She reveals that there were two babies that the dead Kappa girl gave birth to, and that the one girl "who seemed to have a conscience" took the children. She agrees that the boy twin is probably Boone. Grace and Zayday wonder how the babies wound up in a mental institution with Gigi.

Boone rants to the third Red Devil about how Zayday rejected his advances and how she might not be as great as he thought she was. He shows the Red Devil the knife that he bought to kill Gigi with. When Gigi shows up, he slowly approaches her, ranting at her about how he trained to be able to fake his death for years, how he grew up in institutions, and how he pretended to be gay to infiltrate the Dollar Scholars. He tells her that she is not his mother, and that his mother would have understood his desire to take something for himself (Zayday). As the Red Devil/Boone's unseen twin sister raises her arm, apparently to kill Gigi, she suddenly turns and kills Boone at the last second. Gigi recovers from her shock and congratulates the Red Devil on her commitment to revenge being better than her brother's.

Chanel allows Hester to gather up as many of her clothes to take with her as she'd like. Then, she and the other Chanels trick Hester into consuming things that are damaging to fetuses (alcohol, sushi and soft cheese), finally getting her to admit that she is not actually pregnant. Hester tells Chanel that although she isn't pregnant, she will have ample opportunity to get pregnant that weekend, since Chad has already bought the airfare to take her to the Hamptons. She gleefully leaves, Chanel screaming in rage.

Chanel chases her out and offers Hester an apparently heartfelt apology. Hester joins Chanel near the top of the staircase, before Chanel turns on her and pushes her down the flight of stairs, apparently killing Hester. The other Chanels freak out. Chanel insists that she'll be able to redeem herself morally and instructs the Chanels to help her get Hester in the meat locker.

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I'm trying to impress Mr. and Mrs. Radwell and I just spent two hours dressing up as the hag who didn't realize she was the third wheel on Lewis and Clark's gay camping extravaganza?


Please don't kill me! I'm sorta gay now, too.

Chanel #3