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The KKT girls vote for the next Kappa president. It ends up being a tie. The rules state that in the event of a tie, both candidates run together. Zayday and Grace are thrilled but Chanel throws a tantrum and insults/blames Chanel #5 for allowing the coup to happen.

After Chanel storms off, Chanels #3 and 5 go up to her closet to check on her where Chanel reveals that she faked her tantrum and that she actually voted for Zayday. She wanted Zayday to win because she realized that the KKT president would be a target for the killer. Chanel #3 asks whether the pumpkin patch and everything Chanel did was just an elaborate plan to ensure Zayday was killed. Chanel clarifies that it was just to save her own life. She brings them back downstairs to enact phase 2 of the plan. 

Chanel gives Zayday the key to the Kappa storage room as a peace offering. Zayday is suspicious but Chanel reassures her that she wants to give the Zayday administration a shot because she loves Kappa and wants it to survive these challenging times.

Zayday and Grace come up with a plan to figure out which of the Kappas know something about the killer: throw a slumber party to get everyone to reveal the truth. They announce the plan to the group. Chanel hates the idea but Chanel #3 is eager to have the slumber party and play spin the bottle.

Over at the Dollar Scholars house, armless Caulfield chugs four liters of canned pasta of 45 seconds. Chad tells him how proud he is of him. Earl Grey leads an intervention for Chad, about Chad's propensity for sleeping with older women. Chad admits that he had sex with Dean Munsch and Denise Hemphill but is unremorseful. The Dollar Scholars tell him that it's weird that he is having sex with so many "old people." Chad has a "breakthrough," deciding he'll concentrate on his relationship with Chanel. Earl Grey tells the group he overheard that KKT is having a slumber party and proposes a panty raid.

Back at KKT house, the girls play spin the bottle, to Chanel's chagrin. Chanel #3 prays that her bottle lands on Predatory Lez. After two tries, it does. She aggressively kisses Sam, to everyone's discomfort.

Afterwards, #3 goes to find Sam in the bathroom. #3 discusses how she was probably born without the ability to feel. She tells Sam about her terrible history with her sex life, and how she drove all men she dated insane. Sam tries to convince her, but #3 insists that they can never be together.

The Chanels make "chocolate covered peanuts" (chocolate covered packing peanuts) for Chanel's special s'mores in the kitchen. Jennifer and Sam report back to everyone that all the doors and windows are locked, trapping them in. Grace suggests it must be her dad who did it to ensure they stay inside. Chanel says it must have been the killer who hacked into the system that she had installed to have the house turned into a panic room. Hester suggests that the killer is looking to pick them off one by one.

Chanel calls Chad for help. Chad confesses to her about having sex with the Dean and Denise Hemphill. He tells her that he's on the way, and he and the Dollar Scholars head over with a ladder. He climbs up to rescue Chanel. They notice the Red Devil creeping up and shout to the other Dollar Scholars to quickly climb off. They all make it except for Caulfield, who is beheaded.

Grace suggests to Zayday that they should maybe all leave school instead of their truth or dare plan. Zayday reassures her and tells her that no one will force them out of the school.

Zayday and Grace gather the group and tells them the plan to play truth or dare. They establish that everyone must tell the truth and that it'll look suspicious if they choose dare.

Chanel goes first, asking Chanel #5 if her vagina has teeth and tormenting her about it. Grace then asks Chanel #3's deepest darkest secrets. Sam tells #3's secret about being Charles Manson's daughter while at the same time #3 blurts out that she has feelings for Sam. #3 gets angry that Sam told her secret and dares her to go take a nap in the old KKT bathtub in the creepy basement.

Sam tries to talk to #3 about #3's admission that she has feelings for her, but #3 is angry with her and sends her down to the basement alone while everyone has a dance party upstairs. Sam goes downstairs and is killed by the Red Devil -- but not before the Red Devil shows her his/her face and Sam says that she "knew it was you" and offers to help him/her.

Hester corners Chad alone in the kitchen, confronting him about their relationship. He tries to let her down easy but she tells him that she never comes in second place and always gets what she wants. Chanel interrupts them and Hester leaves, complimenting Chanel on the way out. Chanel asks if Hester was hitting on him and Chad says that she was and that he was really turned on by it.

Chanel and Chad rejoin the group where Chanel suggests they all play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Grace tries to argue with her, but Chanel shuts her down and goes off with Chad in private. While they are hooking up, Chanel tries to convince Chad to take their relationship to a serious level. Chad agrees and Chanel makes him pinky promise to be monogamous which he does.

They rejoin the group, as Chanel #5 and Roger take their turn in the room for their Seven Minutes. Hester screams and the group runs to find her over Sam's dead body. Everyone is suspicious that Hester is the killer, though she denies it.

As #5 and Roger make out, he starts talking about how nice it is that his brother is no longer around. As he's talking, the Red Devil repeatedly shoots him in the head with a nail gun. He leaves #5 alive and she screams.

The group comes running as they hear #5 screaming. Chad points out that the night Caulfield got his arms chopped off, there were two devils. Chanel suggests that Chanels #5 and #6 are the two Red Devils, but also brings up to Grace that Pete is mysteriously absent. Grace fumbles, claiming he told her he was studying. Chad finds a trap door in the closet that leads into an intricate tunnel system.

Zayday and Chanel go down into the tunnel to look for a way out, with Zayday theorizing that if the killer isn't one of them, he/she must've gotten in and out using the tunnels. Down in the tunnel, Zayday and Chanel discuss the legacies of past KKT presidents and what their legacy will be before they're interrupted by the killer. The killer has Zayday cornered but Chanel saves her by clocking the killer over the head.

The two girls find an exit and escape.

The next morning, the detective comes by with the Dean. He says that he'll be posting officers outside the house. The Dean rejoices that she'll be able to tell the rest of the campus that they are safe so long as they aren't a member of KKT or sleeping with a KKT sister. Grace's dad tries to convince her to leave the house with him but she refuses to abandon her sisters and Zayday backs her up. Grace's dad storms out.

Chanels #3 and #5 discuss the deaths of their love interests Sam, Roger and Dodger. #3 assures #5 that she'll find another guy. They make a pact to outlive Chanel.

Chanel gifts all the KKT girls with pink nunchaku. Grace makes a heartfelt speech about sisterhood, which Chanel blows off. Chanel tells everyone that she plans for them to take the fight to the Red Devil(s). Zayday proposes that they finish the party with a dance party. They dance around while the Red Devil watches through the window from outside.

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Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Chanel #5: So you're not mad at me?
Chanel: Oh, I meant everything I said about you. I still think you're useless. I'm just not sad about it.

It's not my fault that because somebody is killing Kappas I didn't have time to individually bribe each and every one of you to vote for me!