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Chanel confesses to Chad that Hester was never pregnant and that she killed Hester for their love. He tries to convince Chanel to show him the body, for sexual reasons. She brings Chad to the meat locker but Hester's body is gone. Chad theorizes that Chanel tried and fail to kill Hester and suggests that Chanel bring security detail with her to the Hamptons, because crazy Hester will certainly be out for revenge and looking to murder Chanel.

Gigi stays in the hotel room with the remaining Red Devil, complaining that she is not spending Thanksgiving with Wes. Gigi assures the masked killer that though she is bummed about having to kill Boone, it was necessary and he was out of control. Gigi orders in room service Thanksgiving, requested an electric serrated carving knife. She thanks the Red Devil for sharing the holiday with her, saying that the Red Devil is the only family Gigi has left. She gives the Red Devil the electric carving knife and tells them to do the honors carving the tiny room service quail she has ordered before the Red Devil sets off to take care of their plans for the day.

Chanel #3 goes home for the holiday, where her family is terrible to her (particularly her father, who loves her brother more than he loves Chanel #3). The Swenson family eats Swenson frozen Thanksgiving dinners in a home theater in front of a set of televisions playing football. #3 is relegated to sit in the back row of the family home theater with the help. #3 snaps, telling off her family and pointing out that none of them have asked her about the murders. She announces that she will never come to another family occasion and is going home. She returns to a presumably empty Kappa house.

#3 hears metallic clanging when she reenters the sorority house. She finds Dean Munsch breaking down a turkey. Munsch explains that she has been uninvited from her in-laws' Thanksgiving celebration, since they still believe that she killed their son. #3 suggests that they have Thanksgiving dinner together. Munsch agrees, on the condition that they play charades after.

Wes calls Grace. She explains that she and Zayday decided not to fly to Oakland to spend the holiday with Zayday's family. Wes tries to convince a reluctant Grace to spend the holiday with him and mentions that Gigi never showed up to his house where he'd prepared Thanksgiving dinner. Grace finally caves and invites Wes over to spend Thanksgiving with her, Chanel #3, Zayday and Dean Munsch at Kappa house. The girls work on preparing the meal.

At the Radwell estate, Mrs. Radwell gives a tense speech making clear she doesn't approve of Chanel, and makes snide remarks about Chanel throughout the dinner. Each of the Radwells (Mr. and Mrs. Radwell, Chad's brothers Thad and Brad, and Brad's wife Muffy) go around the dinner table, saying what they are most thankful for. Chanel's temper finally boils over and she explodes at Mrs. Radwell, threatening to strangle her, after Mrs. Radwell insinuates that there are many other women for Chad to date. Suddenly, the help announces that another guest has arrived -- Hester. Hester walks in, to Chad and Chanel's horror and the other Radwells' confusion.

Chad tells the Radwells that Hester is his sober coach. Hester explains to Chanel and Chad that the chilled floor in the meat locker soothed the swelling in her neck and she regained consciousness, possibly with her scoliosis cured. Hester announces that she is pregnant with Chad's baby. Mrs. Radwell insults both Hester and Chanel, expressing her disappointment in Chad for bring home two "gold-digging hoochies." She slams Hester, telling her that she has a "poo belly," not a baby bump.

Dean Munsch suggests that while they are waiting for the turkey to cook, they go around the table and make their claims about who the killer is. She claims that Chanel #3 is the second Red Devil killer. She explains that on the night of the chainsaw attack, she saw #3 running up the back staircase. #3 claims that she snuck downstairs to use the bathroom. She also suggests that the Charles Manson father story was fabricated, so that no one would suspect #3 of being one of the bathtub babies. #3 retaliates by suggesting that the other killer is Dean Munsch.

Chanel calls her mother to get advice, but her mother is too drunk to give her advice. Mr. Radwell confronts Chanel, asking her how much money it will take to get her to go away. Chanel refuses and storms out after Mr. Radwell calls her and her family trash and tells her that she'll never get her hands on the Radwell family fortune.

Chad shows Hester his savory Thanksgiving dinner leftovers dessert. Chanel barges in and tells Chad what his father did. Chad suggests that she take his advice and leave, since the dinner is becoming very awkward and that he is not sure who to believe. He points out that Hester is saying she is pregnant, and Chanel's insistence that Hester is not pregnant is in doubt, since she was already proven incorrect about Hester being dead.

At Kappa house, Chanel #5 shows up. She claims that she left to go home but her family forgot to tell her that they were going to the Maldives. #3 presents her evidence that Dean Munsch is the killer. She mentions Munsch's history of hating sororities. She also explains that she saw Munsch eating a bologna sandwich the other day, proving that she is not allergic to bologna (her alibi for her ex-husband's murder). Grace, Zayday and Chanel #5 corroborate and back up #3's evidence. Wes interrupts, announcing that before they move forward with the police he wants to present his own evidence for who he thinks the killer is. He thinks the killer is Grace, much to everyone's shock.

Wes tells Grace that he can explain away all of his suspicions about the other suspects, except for Grace. #5 theorizes that Grace's motivation was to come to Wallace University to create a monster worse than her dead mother. Wes presents his evidence, bringing up the fact that Grace visited Wallace University the day that Melanie Dorkus was maimed. After Grace explains her side of the story, Wes recants his accusation. Pete, who has apparently stayed behind on campus to investigate the murders, changes gears, voicing his claim that Wes is actually the killer.

At the Radwell house, the group breaks up into two teams for Pictionary -- all of the Radwells against Chanel and Hester. Brad pulls the doctored card that reads "neck brace whore" and the entire family proceeds to insult Hester with their guesses. Chanel notices how upset Hester is and interrupts the game after the family successfully guesses to tell them that they are the most awful family in America. She apologizes to Hester for the attempted murder, telling her that she is her sister. She insults each of the Radwells in turn, finally breaking up with Chad. She storms out, with Hester coming along with her, saying that they are going home.

Pete presents his evidence against Wes. He claims that Wes' motive was to keep Grace safe, which Pete claims he wanted to accomplish by killing off Kappa sisters until Dean Munsch would be forced to close down Kappa house -- only for the Dean to not shut down the campus. Pete points out that there was photographic evidence of Wes down in the tunnel during a 1995 Kappa party in the yearbook, proving that he knew where the tunnels were and would have been able to sneak into the house when it was on lockdown.

Pete also confronts Wes with video evidence showing him blocking out the security cameras as he snuck into Kappa house, theoretically explaining how the bodies disappeared from the meat locker. Wes explains that he was stealing meat from the meat locker because he was on the Paleo diet and the girls never ate the meat anyway. He claims that he never saw bodies in the meat locker. Pete also reveals that he had a DNA test run which proves that Wes was Boone's father. Wes is shocked by this information, along with everyone else.

Grace and Wes talk privately. Wes assures Grace that he didn't know and that if he had, he would've taken responsibility. Grace assures him that she believes him and that Pete won't call the police. Wes expresses his anxiety over the fact that it is his children who are out there killing people. He doubts whether he'd be able to kill his own kid or send them off to the police, in the moment, or that Grace would be able to do so.

Grace says that Wes and the rest of her friends at Kappa are her family now, not the murderers. They agree that no one will call the police on anyone that night, since it is clear that there is evidence pointing towards every person's guilt. Zayday interrupts, telling Wes and Grace that the turkey is about finished.

Chanel and Hester arrive back at Kappa house and everyone prepares to sit down for the turkey. Chad shows up, vaguely apologizing to and reuniting with Chanel (though he denies that his family is anything but awesome). Everyone sits down and talks about the events of the day. Chanel lifts the lid off of the turkey, unveiling Gigi's decapitated head where the turkey should be. Everyone screams in shock and horror.

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I don't understand how this keeps happening! Is this meat locker like a wormhole to an alternate universe or something?


Gravity killed Hester. I just gave her a little push.