Watch Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 8 Online as Grace continues to work desperately to uncover the truth about the 1995 dead Kappa girl and her ownmother.

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Watch Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 8 Online and see Grace attempt to get to the bottom of the dead 1995 Kappa sister mystery and find out once and for all whether she is the dead girl's baby. Meanwhile, the Chanels enlist Denise Hemphill and others to find proof that Grace and Zayday are the killers.

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On Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 8, Grace realizes she and Chanel may not be so different when the two work to uncover more about KKT's past.

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Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

And you know what else is synced? Their thirst for murder! And you know what they say -- "Those who pill together, kill together!"

Chanel #6

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Dean Munsch [to "Antonin Scalia"]