Moving On - Scream
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Kieran is sentenced to life in prison. The other killer breaks him out of his holding cell and then immediately kills him. 

Stavo and Noah wrote a popular graphic novel, but Noah's writer's block is getting in the way of a second book. Their editor, Jeremy suggests a new story and a trip to an island to investigate it. Stavo invites the rest of the group. Audrey invites her girlfriend, Gina, who can't go, but tells her to anyway. 

Stavo and Noah start their research into Anna Hobbes who went on a murder spree and killed her family. 

Emma and Audrey meet a guy, Alex, in a convenience store. 

Someone kills the employee at the Hobbes museum. 

Emma learns that Alex owns the murder mansion.

Stavo invites the caretaker, Billie to their bonfire to make Brooke jealous. He walks her home, and she's murdered when she goes inside the house. Stavo, Audrey, and Noah discover the blood and shears, and tell the police that Jeremy is MIA. 

Emma returns home from her date with Alex and receives a call from the killer. 

The sheriff is killed and his head is left on the group's front porch. Gina arrives in time to find it.  They go to Alex's house for help. He takes them to the dock, but his boat is gone. He invites them back to his house. 

Audrey questions how Gina found them. 

Jeremy arrives at the window and asks to be let in. Jeremy pleads his case, but Alex locks him in the closet. 

Audrey finds pictures on Gina's phone. Gina says she thought Audrey was cheating on her with Emma. 

Noah and Stavo fix the CB radio in Alex's truck. They call for help. 

Jeremy is no longer in the closet. He's alone in a bedroom, and Alex comes in and kills him. 

Noah finds a hidden door in the master bedroom. It leads to Billie's cottage. Noah comes up with a theory that Mr. Whitten was the killer, not Anna Hobbes. They find Jeremy dead and realize Alex is not really Alex Whitten. They rush to find Emma. 

Emma finds the body of the real Alex Whitten, and the guy she was with is Tom Martin. Tom set it up to steer Emma to the island to be with her. Emma plays along with him, and finds out he didn't kill Kieran. Emma stabs him with the shears and runs for it. He chases her, and she pushes him off the balcony. 

Emma's dad is shown visiting Kieran's grave. 

A man checks into a motel as Mr. James. 












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Scream Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I thought you said this was going to be a mansion. I know my mansions, this is really more of a bungalow.


Brooke: I can't be responsible for Stavo moving across the country for me. I'm barely responsible for myself.
Audrey: You make it sound like he's a child you're gonna have to babysit.