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Audrey is working at the cinema and is attacked by the killer, but it's revealed that it's a prank and one of the teens is injured when she stabs them. 

Noah appears to help her, but the teen wanted to press charges, but the new sheriff got rid of them for Audrey. 

Brooke and Jake take their relationship to the next level, but they hit a snag and it causes them to break up. 

Jake tries to prove Brooke wrong, but ends up being killed in the process. 

Audrey is continually stalked by the killer about her part in the killings, but Noah takes her to the police station to help her and it leads to a shocking confrontation between the two. 

Emma returns home and has horrible dreams about her as a little girl in the James' barn with a dead pig. 

She and Brooke go to the barn, but there's a shock waiting for them when they get there and it leaves the two women screaming as the credits role. 

What was it?

Emma and Kieran are on shaky ground as they try to move past their turbulent past, but it's clear that not everyone wants them together.

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Scream Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Audrey just broke the internet again.


Jake: What's taking so long out there?
Brooke: Shut up.