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Emma and Brooke escape from the farm after Emma realizes someone else is in there. 

When home, Maggie comes clean that Emma was at the farm as a kid. Emma is shocked but wants to know more, so she and her mom go to see the place. 

Everything about her was taken down, so it looks like it was in her head. 

The sheriff goes to Kieran's house and explains that he knows he is living alone and will need to live with a guardian, his aunt Tina. 

Tina says that she can't stay there and he needs to move to Atlanta with her, but her son, Eli explains that they would be much better living in Lakewood because they could live in the house rent free. 

Tina reluctantly agrees and they tell Kieran the good news. 

Noah goes to meet someone about the killings, but Audrey uses the fake voice app and warns the man to shut his mouth, so he asks Noah to leave. 

Audrey goes to investigate a crate in the middle of nowhere and she comes across Jake's body with a note addressed to her saying that he's finishing what she started. She runs off.

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Scream Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, a while back I was going through some pretty painful stuff. I get it.


Gustavo: I know all you Lakewood sixers.
Brooke: You numbered us? That's creepy.