Audrey and Emma at the Carnival - Scream
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Audrey wakes up to blood dripping on her face. The words "12 dead" are on her ceiling and "No one will ever forgive you" is on her mirror. 

The town prepares for their annual carnival despite the dangers of a killer on the loose. 

MIguel removes Gustavo's tape from Ms.Lang's box of things.

Emma tells Miguel about the fire at the house. He questions her about Eli. 

Miguel puts Maggie back on the case. 

Brooke wants to help Zoe win the pageant. 

Miguel tears Gustavo's room apart looking for the mask, 

Emma makes up with Kieran who tells her to stay away from Eli. 

Eli approaches Emma at the carnival and Kieran punches him. 

Emma tells Audrey that Eli has a restraining order against him for breaking into a girl's bedroom. Audrey tells her about someone sneaking into her room.

Brooke makes a drunken speech at the pageant. 

Emma goes to meet Kieran, but the killer sends her a video of him tied up. She runs into the fun house searching for him. The cop protecting her follows and is thrown through a mirror. Emma takes his gun and shoots at the killer, but hits another mirror. 

The killer runs out of the fun house followed by Emma and the cops apprehend him. They remove the mask to reveal Kieran with duct tape over his mouth.

Kieran comes clean to Emma about the night his parents died. He tells her that he caused the accident by arguing with his stepdad. 

Audrey goes to tell Emma the truth, but Emma is already listening to the recording Zoe sent her. 

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Scream Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Valedictorian and secret self-medicator, I'm into it. There are not enough happy face emojis in the world to express how much I needed that.


Zoe: I can't wear that on stage in front of an actual crowd with an actual boy that I actually like. Too scary.
Brooke: The only thing scary here is this dress.