Jessica Sula on Scream Resurrection
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The teen start to question whether Shane is the one who has been carrying out the brutal slayings and try to trap him. 

They get him to the school in the dead of night and start to play a sick game with him, but Deion is left out of the plans. 

The killer arrives, proving that Shane is innocent and Deion makes his way to the school. 

Kym survived a brush with the killer at the top of the episode, and wants to do so again. 

She manages to knock the killer out, but Shane refuses to shoot him, making it seem like there was more going on than they first thought. 

The killer escapes. 

Liv tells Deion that his brother was alive according to police reports, and this makes Deion mad. 

Shane returns home and gives his mother medication, confirming why he was turning to a life of crime. He wanted his mother to be healthy. 

Someone throws an egg at the window, and he rushes out to find out what is going on. 

He is confronted by the killer and drugs are injected into his eye ball, making it seem like he overdosed. 

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