Kym Hits Back - Scream
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Deion finally comes clean to Liv, telling her that he is Marcus and that he and Deion swapped costumes that night. 

Liv is shocked but tells Deion to do what he needs to do. 

Ultimately, he finds himself at his father's workplace, and Jamal is in a truck after a scuffle with the killer. 

Jamal then tells Deion that he was one of the killers, and that he won't be telling him who the other was. 

Deion pleads with him, but he bleeds out and dies. 

Kym escapes the school, but Beth and Liv know the killer is inside and set out to unmask them once and for all. 

Liv whacks Beth in the head because she thinks she's the killer. 

Deion then has to figure out which of the two women are the killer and finds himself in a terrifying situation. 

Things take a turn when Beth reveals she is the killer and that she met Jamal while working in the tattoo studio. 

Liv knocks Beth through the sky light after Deion shows up to save her life. 

Kym then shows up and says that Beth needs to be shot again. She does so, killing her. 

Deion moves away and Liv joins him. 

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