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When drugs go missing at Sacred Heart, Elliot suspects a patient who is a former drug addict but Alex defends him.  Elliot tells J.D. that she thinks Alex is going to end up hurting him and J.D. thinks it's out of jealousy.  Alex ends up being the one who took the drugs and she and J.D. part on uncertain terms.  Carla stars getting rides from Dr. Kelso.

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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

J.D.: You remember, like, when the new 'Star Wars' movie came out, and it was all built up, and then people went to see it and it really wasn't that great in bed?
Alex: Relax! The first one's a freebie, so you can get your form back

J.D.: All right, I should've done this a long time ago; so, here goes: I'm sorry. I shouldn't accuse you of being jealous, you were just looking out for me, were right about Alex.
Elliot: You never did sleep with her, did you?
J.D.: No... But, why does that matter?
Elliot: Because I was jealous