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J.D. enjoys being the top intern until he has competition from Nick Murdoch (Sean Hayes).  After Turk thinks he accidentally cut a patient's colon, Turk has to confront his fear about making another mistake in surgery.

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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

[on the roof]
Dr. Kelso: Well, lookie, here. I thought this was my special place. I'd ask you not to tell any of the others about this spot, but none of them seem to be talking to you.
J.D.: Uh... it's been a rough day, sir.
Dr. Kelso: You see, Dr. Dorian, your problem is... you're a pansy. If you were in my way, I'd throw you off this ledge right now. We're out here alone... No one would ever know.
J.D.: I'm ...ummm ...I have to... things.
[J.D. quickly leaves]
Dr. Kelso: Interns are fun.

Dr. Cox: Carla? Wow. You look great.
Carla: You're not messing with me, right?
Dr. Cox: No. But I'd like to