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J.D. distracts the Janitor and Troy with a riddle; Dr. Cox and Dr. Steadman (Matt Winston) compete for the same residency director job; Carla works with Turk when she covers for someone; Sean and Elliot's relationship has problems and J.D. swoops in for the opportunity.

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Scrubs Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Troy: Ooh! Your face is red! Like a strawbrerry!
J.D.'s Narration: Pride's a funny thing...
Janitor: Don't have kids.

Dr. Kelso: So, shall we all just agree that Dr. Steadman is our new residency director and get the hell out of here?
Dr. Steadman: If anyone wants to stop by my condo to celebrate, my husband made sangria!
Dr. Kelso: Mmmmmmmm!
Dr. Cox: Howdy, fellas. Don't ya-don't ya dare get up - I don't want to see any broken hips.