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Dr. Casey (Michael J. Fox) and J.D. discover that a toilet that the Janitor put on the roof.  Soon the toilet becomes the "epiphany toilet" as every member of Sacred Heart is able to solve their problems when they use it.  Dr. Kelso closes an entire wing of the hospital to save money and Cox / Carla get revenge by using his office as a patient room.  Turk asks J.D. to be his best man, but J.D. is upset to learn he wasn't the first choice.

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Scrubs Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

J.D.'s Narration: I think it's human nature to search for answers.
Turk: Dude. Why is your tux gonna cost four thousand dollars?
J.D.: No reason.

Well done, there, Barbie. You're now exactly where you were three years ago.

Dr. Cox