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J.D. and Elliot agreed to each find respective booty calls (J.D. to get over Julie and Elliot worried by Mrs. Wilk undergoing surgery), but the plan backfires when Elliot picks J.D.'s nemesis, Keith.  Meanwhile, Carla encourages Turk to fight for a female-friendly gym and the Janitor and Cox forge a friendship over beers.

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Scrubs Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

J.D. comes in, in pain
Keith: You ok, Dr. Dorian?
J.D.: Keith, it's like you're begging me to hate you.
Keith: I don't feel like I am.
J.D.: You can't stop, can you?

J.D. walks away with scratches on his back.
Jason: Dr. D, what's that on your back?
J.D.: Those Jason, are the panicked scratches of the adolescent raccoon, who until animal control can get into my home, is currently residing in my sock drawer.