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After five years of working at Sacred Heart, J.D. gets the funny feeling the same events keep occurring.  Meanwhile, Cox returns to work but loses his self-confidence and Elliot tries to help him restore it.  Turk annoys Carla when he does things she can't do while pregnant.

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Scrubs Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Barbie, are you a real doctor, or a doctor like Dr Pepper is a doctor?

Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox: How about we just agree that we're never gonna be that close?
Elliot: We could, except for one thing. I know we have our issues, but I've always respected you, and you haven't given me more than an ounce of that since I started here.
Dr. Cox: ...I didn't go into that bathroom to take a leak. I went in there because I was petrified that I was gonna make the wrong decision about Mrs. Goldstein. And I didn't want anybody to know, because it is so very important to me that people see me the way they used to. Bulletproof. And hopefully admitting this to you will make you feel respected.