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J.D. and Turk are putting on a skit show where the interns make fun of the senior memebers of the staff.  Denise and Sunny end up making fun of J.D. and Turk by dressing as them and mocking their bromance by making out.  J.D. and Turk end up being very insecure about their relationship but decide to hug anyway in public after Turk's paper gets published.  Never be ashamed of your love, boys!

Denise and Sunny are also partnered up this episode on with their patient, Brianna, who is a teenager with no immunue system and an overprotective mother that won't let her date or even leave the house.  Elliot spends the episode trying to convince Denise she needs to start leaving the hospital and stop staying after to do work, such as going out and grabbing a beer with the other interners.  Elliot tricks Denise into asking the mom to lay off her daughter as a message to Denise.  Denise ends the episode by going out with the other interns.

As a running gag throughout the episode, the Janitor and Kelso see Carla pluck a giant nipple hair.  The Janitor spends the episode trying to get Carla to admit to it but she continues to deny and even gets Kelso to help her in tricking the Janitor.  He ends up questioning what's real and what's fake and even apologizes.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Todd: I'm so proud of you, man. You know, I've always emulated you. I shave my privates bald to look like your head.
Turk: Todd! I'm actually kind of touched

Denise: Anyone sitting here?
Sunny: Not just anyone. You.
Denise: Okay. No more talking till I'm drunk, okay