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In a very unprecedented move, this episode belonged to Ted!  Ted was finally given a love interest in the form of Stephanie (Kate Micucci).  The two of them were able to bond over his barbershop quartet and her interesting choice of the ukulele.  Althought Ted was too nervous to talk to her when he approached her, J.D. and the Janitor try and push Ted into asking her out.  Luckyily, Stephanie ends up making the first move and we get a cute duet between them.

The other main plotline was Dr. Cox continuing to adjust as the new Chief of Medicine with help from Kelso.  This time around, Cox was trying to still do too much: teach the interns, treat a patient, do the nurse's schedule and pick up Jack from school.  In the end, Cox is unwilling to give up anything and tries to comprimise on each of the issues: fire Ed who refuses to learn, still treats his patient, lets Carla do the schedule, and just read bedtime stories to Jack (though he gets home too late).

Other notable things from the episode include an amazing rendition of Carry on My Wayward Son by Ted's band and Stephanie.  Also, the Janitor marked various things "licked by the Janitor."  Awesome.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

J.D.: We found you in the park throwing rocks at old couples...
Ted: Why should they be happy!?

Jack [to J.D.'s baby]: Janus, you are one ugly baby, seriously
J.D: Did you actually teach your son to be mean to a baby?
Cox: Not just any baby, but your baby. Come here Jacky boy, you're going to get ten thousand jelly beans, I love you so much
J.D. They can both be so mean