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The episode opens with Sports Center where they're talking about how an experimental procedure, cold therapy, successfully restored a paralyzed athlete's ability to walk.  Meanwhile, Turk has a patient, Mike, that was recently paralyzed in an accident and his father, Rich, would do anything to give his son a chance to walk again.  Turk suggests the experimental procedure after he runs it by his boss (in a very funny scene he passes by his work boss, Cox, to ask his real boss, Carla).  Carla asks if he would risk losing his license, getting sued, etc on his own kid.  He immediately decides to do it.  After the procedure, Mike responds when they poke his finger.

Cox, meanwhile, decided to start wearing his wedding ring and an angry Jordan makes him take it off.  Cox revealed that the it's because of their kids, he hates life a little bit less, and asks her why she even cares?  By the end of the episode Jordan not only seems okay with it but even wears her old ring.  Could these two actually be getting re-married by the end of the season?

The Janitor, meanwhile, is having his own problems with his girlfriend Lady.  She's avoiding holding his hand and he avoids talking to her again fearing she's going to dump him.   Eventually when he does speak to her she just reveals she's a huge germophobe and was nervous to herself around him.  They decide they're going to be happy freaks together.

Oh and did we mention Elliot and J.D. again make fun of how no one cares about their relationship anymore?  Yeah, we've heard about it for 8 seasons now.

The episode title comes from the Sports Center theme song that Turk and J.D. sing.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

J.D.: You're gonna go in there and be completely honest
Turk: Is that all you got? I've been a doctor for more than ten minutes

J.D.: I am not a girl! What's this show, is it new?
Turk: It's SportsCenter, dude