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In the second half of My Soul on Fire, we catch up with each of the couples still in their fights.  Turk is still angry at Carla for being too much of a mom and not meeting him at the ocean, Elliot is mad at J.D. for not expressing his love in words, and Jordan is still mad at Cox for pretending to work on vacation to prove her wrong.  The Janitor, meanwhile, still has no choice but to move forward with her ceremony and is still angry at J.D.  In fact, he forces J.D. to on top of a lighthouse with fish taped to his hands so he gets attacked by angry seaguls as revenge.  Lady supports Janitor in his craziness.

The Janitor finds a Justice of the Peace, Van (played by series creator Bill Lawrence in a hilarious cameo), and the ceremony goes on.  All three couples, Todd and Ted go to the wedding while Kelso drinks away at the bar.  After the Janitor and Lady give really sweet nuptuals and Van gives a realistic view on marriage, all three couples end up resolves their problems.  Cox and Jordan finally seem to get over the mutual hatred they hide behind and admit their love, Carla puts away her momminess for a bit and wears a sexy bikini, and J.D. even tells Elliot he loves her more than Turk.  OMG.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

I am not a strong public speaker, nor am I good with the Bible, so we'll see how this goes


Jordan: Remember when my dog died, you told me he went to doggie hell? And then you told me my mom was going to go to doggy hell when she dies?
Cox: Because of her doggy face?
Jordan: Right!