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As part of a class assignment, Drew discovers that Cole has a potentially cancerous mole and the tests come back showing it is malignant.  Cole has to get an operation and Lucy tells him she'll gather his friends to be there for him after the surgery.  However, when no one shows up, Cole is hurt and takes it out on Lucy, who ditches him, leaving him alone.

Meanwhile, Kelso goes in for a routine set of tests for Dr. Cox and finds out he's no longer able to drive and becomes dependent on the students and other teachers to drive him to work. Kelso ends up giving Cole some advice on telling his friends how he really feels, so even when he's a jerk they'll still be there for him when he needs them. In the end, Cole buys everyone a pizza and seems to be growing as a human being, while Kelso hops back behind the wheel and nearly drives everyone over.

Dr. Cox and Denise, meanwhile, go through a power struggle over the interns including Trang and Cole.  In the end, Cole can't handle being stuck between his girlfriend and mentor, so he gets the two of them together and makes them talk.


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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

That's exactly what Trang needed. Driving back and forth in the parking lot, reinforcing every stereotype of Asian drivers.


Dr. Cox: Hey talking man baby, come here. I am parked in the ten minute parking zone.
Trang: You want me to move your car?
Dr. Cox: No, I love the space. What I want you to do is pull out of and then back into the space every ten minutes. If you get bored, here's a deck of cards and a ball.