Busy burning the cande at both ends, Lucy needs some advice, but with J.D. gone, she heads to Elliot for advice.  A pregnant Elliot convinces her there's one thing she's learned from her pregnancy... sometimes you gotta be selfish.

Turk, meanwhile, spends the episode interviewing for a new best friend to replace J.D. and although Cox convinces him he'll never find a complete replacement for a best friend, he seems to settle for Denise for his fun gimmicks.

Cox, meanwhile, teams up with his #1 Drew to make up a fake list of medical students to inspire Cole to actually get some work done and be a good doctor.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Denise: So, you and me. We're gonna have a stupid jar. Everytime you say something stupid, we're gonna put a nickel in that jar and when it gets nice and full, we're going to beat you with it.
Cole: Dude, how much fun is she in the sack?
Drew: More scary than fun.

Lucy: I have nine thousand things to do today, go back to sleep.
Cole: Girl once you wake up the troops you gotta storm the beach.
Lucy: You are actually on my to do list.