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Zach Braff is back in his final episode this season as J.D. as he struggles to deal with the fact Elliot is making time to satisfy his man needs.  Turk suggests they take a babymoon together for one last chance at happiness before the baby.  Unable to convince her, J.D. brings the babymoon to the hospital with the help of Turk, Denise, Cole and Drew.

Meanwhile, Lucy is unable to cut up her cadaver since she got to know the patient before his death.  Turk takes her under his wing and teaches her how to get over working on someone you humanize.

Cox faces mortality when Jordan asks him to create a will after her sister's husband dies.  It doesn't help that one half of his old patient couple dies.  He ends up telling Jordan he can't do it.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Let's just avoid the breast region. They're big, but they are not for touching - too sore. And let's just avoid the thighs; they sort of feel like memory foam, they leave a hand print. And I have the elbows of a 75 year old black man.


Elliot: What is that?
J.D.: It's our baby's crib.
Elliot: It looks like a trap. You trying to catch someone else's baby?