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It's the White Coat ceremony coming up and Cole and Drew compete for the honored keynote position.  That is until Cole unearths an Internet video of Drew from ten years ago when he tackled the speaker during his last stint at medical school.  Desperate to avoid becoming the cutthroat student he once was, Drew refuses the position when it's offered to him.  That is until Turk gives him some advice.  After giving the speech, gets revenge when a video of Cole being an idiot and crashing a bike into a hedge surfaces.

Meanwhile, Denise also comes for advice from Turk, but for relationship advice.  He ends up pawning her off on Elliot, who convinces her to dress up and go on a nice date with Drew.  However, it turns out their problems only stemmed from Drew's frustration with his situation and all ends up being good.

Lucy, desperate to come up with an answer for Cox's interview question of why she wants to be a doctor asks everyone in sight for advice.  It ends up being Elliot who convinces her to answer honestly.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Perry: To recap, what is the number one attribute all medical school students share with this skeleton?
Lucy: The hollow area of nothing in the skull?
Perry: Exactly.

Elliot: I would never give birth under a tree, although JD and I did conceive this baby under one. It was a Christmas tree. Not in our house. It was still on the lot. We made a lot of Christians uncomfortable that day.
Lucy: I once got felt up in a pumpkin patch.
Elliot: Don't you just love the holidays?