My New Coat Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 5
"My New Coat"
Original Air Date:

J.D. gets an ego boost when he dons a white doctor's coat. Elliot is nervous about her reputation when she sleeps with another Sacred Heart doctor.

My Big Mouth Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 4
"My Big Mouth"
Original Air Date:

J.D. and Carla's friendship deteriorates when he reveals some of her secrets. The surgical residents compete for a trip to Mexico with Kelso.

My Case Study Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 3
"My Case Study"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Kelso starts a competition among the residents for an all expenses paid trip to Reno for whoever can bring him the most interesting case study.

Residents on the Night Shift
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 2
"My Nightingale"
Original Air Date:

The residents spend a night on call with no attendings there to help them. Cox struggles with his feelings towards Jordan.

Everyone hates J.D.
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 1
"My Overkill"
Original Air Date:

After Jordan reveals she slept with J.D., he fears the worst form Cox. Elliot, embarrassed by Jordan revealing Elliot's lingering feelings toward J.D., does her best to avoid him.

Watch Scrubs Season 1 Episode 24
"My Last Day"
Original Air Date:

The interns all become jaded after spending a full year at the hospital and they decide to treat a patient aggressively.   After Dr. Cox yells at Jordan for her predictability she reveals everyone's secrets to each other...

Watch Scrubs Season 1 Episode 23
"My Hero"
Original Air Date:

Ben (Brendan Fraser) starts his treatment for leukemia, but Dr. Cox has a hard time being supportive because of how much he cares. &nbsp...

Watch Scrubs Season 1 Episode 22
"My Occurrence"
Original Air Date:

Jordan's brother and Dr. Cox's best friend, Ben (Brendan Fraser) comes into the hopsital after piercing his hand with a nail gun.  ...

Watch Scrubs Season 1 Episode 21
"My Sacrificial Clam"
Original Air Date:

J. D. is struck by a needle full of blood contaminated with Hepatitis B.   Once J. D.

Watch Scrubs Season 1 Episode 20
"My Way or the Highway"
Original Air Date:

Due to Turk's competitiveness, Turk convinces J. D. 's patient to go with surgery rather than medicine.   Elliot ends up falling for...

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Honestly, I haven't been this happy since Christmas when I was seven years old and my father showed me how to make a snow angel. Actually, he was passed out drunk in the yard... But I did take his arms and his legs and move them back and forth... And... the paramedics said it was one of the finest snow angels that they'd ever seen. So, maybe the fact that I am the kinder, gentler Cox is every last bit of okay. Maybe it's a... a natural progression. It's not like there's any real ramifications... right?

Dr. Cox