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Bantering scientists on a research vessel are engaged. Pirates capture them. Great dad scenes, which includes obligatory millennial’s a pampered dialogue. Alana wants to know if Nate was cheating. Clay trains hard and Ray and Jason talk about Clay. Ray says Jason is jealous of the younger guy. 

Mandy tells everyone about the research vessel's capture by the pirates and the team's rescue mission. Clay's bro consoles him over beers and tells him cut the attitude. Clay consoles himself with banter with the cute feminist grad student Stella but it goes south quick because of his bad attitude. 

Sonny says some stuff about scientists being nerds and the team tries to figure out where the hostages are being held. Jason wants Ray's help finding out of Nate was cheating, and Ray doesn't think that will help Jason get back with Alana. They go to a church to retieve the navigation records from Dead Nate's car.  Mandy stresses about the dropped GPS signal from the pirates. 

Mandy cleverly figures out the pirates went to the Philippines. Clay does something stupid and reckless in a training exercise and he is tormented by his superior about his stupidity and his father's book. The SEAL Team discusses their mission and the grim fate that awaits the hostages. Also, they are in the water where the USS Indianapolis sank so there's sharks.

The SEAL Team boards the ship, shoots pirates and rescues most of the hostages. Future husband scientist is taken, but Jason figures out a way to rescue him. Clay apologizes to his bro. Bro gives him good advice and says Clay should apologize to Stella. Many and Davis bond. Clay goes on a highly successful date with Stella. Jason tracks the woman Nate was calling. 

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SEAL Team Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I keep my distance because I need to, not because I want to.


You didn’t disappoint me. You just stopped surprising me.