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At an Embassy party at the South Sudan, people banter and a reporter questions the acting ambassador Crowley. An NGO worker and her African friend get detained by gunman. Jason shows Clay some pictures that belonged to Nate and he identifies the woman as their interpreters wife. Clay banters with his bro Brian and Stella invites him to a party. 

Jason goes and cleans out Nate's locker. Mandy tells the team that the NGO worker and her driver were murdered and they will be evacuating non-essential personnel. Many says the acting ambassador isn't competent. The Team drive through the desert and arrives at the embassy to be briefed. Angry people march. Doyle acts like an ass. Jason goes to save some American teachers at the American school.

Brian and Clay banter about Stella. An American Reporter calls out Ray for being the black guy pointing guns at the other black men. Ray says the SEALs are his brothers but also asks the teacher if the Americans rigged the election. The Team finds some hiding aide workers and rescues them.

Stella's friend Evan is an ass to Clay and Brian but Stella defends them. Soldiers threaten Jason and Jason threatens them back. The soldier gives in and lets them go. Jason meets some aide workers who refuse to leave, and one of them asks him if he quits his job when it gets dangerous. 

Jason tells Mandy he won't kidnap the aide workers and they know the risks. They are pissed at Crowley. Mandy calls Crowley out on him risking Jason and the team for a big campaign donor. The Team comes upon a dangerous situation and shoots some people. Gun battle. Unrest. Danger. 

Davis tells off Crowley, tells him what to do. More unrest. Chase. 

Brian wakes Clay up and says they have been called in. Ray orders Davis to evacuate. Brian and Clay get brief on training. Jason tells Ray to evacuate. This means he and the team are driving blind. Ray finds the reporter, hit with a rock. Ray carries him to safety as Davis covers him. 

Ray, Davis and the reporter are trapped. Jason & the team rescue them with a clever flag plan. Clay calls Crowley a weasel. Jason gives Crowley the flag he left behind. Brian tells Clay he likes Stella and not to screw it up. Ray fist bumps the reporter. Brian is killed jumping in a botched parachute jump. 





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SEAL Team Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

What the hell were you doing, Nate?


Do not talk about papaw.