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In an all-new episode of SEAL Team, the team must rescue a Russian defector and his wife whose plane has crashed in China, while Russian special forces and Chinese troops close in to stop them. Clay adjusts to his role as the newest member of the team.

In the briefing room, Mandy informs the team that a plane carrying one of the men in charge of Russia's cyberwarfare program, who also happens to be a valuable CIA asset, has crashed in a mountainous region of China during an attempt to defect. 

Bravo Team's mission is to find the survivors and get them to the Afhganistan border, while avoiding Russian special forces and Chinese troops who are also searching for the couple.

This is Clay's first mission as an official member of the team, and he will have to adjust to life as "the new guy."

After parachuting into China and avoiding Russian special forces, the team is finally able to locate the doctor and his wife. The wife is badly injured, and after tending to her wounds they head for the border.

With Chinese forces approaching from one side and the Russians blocking their path to the border from the other, the SEALs come up with a creative way to get past the obstacles and cross the border to safety.




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