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Ray keeps flashing back to his mission's target, Yassine Kassen, who is also the man who tortured him in Tunisia. Bravo is about to head home. Davis is pushing Ray to let Jason know who the target is to him. Davis talks to Sonny, who remains distracted, about her last mission with Bravo. Davis tells Jason about Kassen. Ray recalls Bravo. Jason confronts Ray about Kassen. Ray orders Jason not to tell the team about who Kassen is to Ray. Bravo is hunting Kassen's lieutenant. Sonny tells Clay about Hannah's pregnancy but wants to keep it from Davis. Ray admits to Jason he left early to get away from everyone worrying about him. Ray's aching hands remind him of Kassen. Jason convinces Ray to attack rather than tail the lieutenant. They do seize his cell phone. Ray tells Bravo who Kassen is to him. Jason and Ray argue over Ray's needing vengeance. Kassen's hiding place is an old Syrian base. Clay pushes Sonny to tell Davis about his situation. Ray and Bravo invade Kassen's base but Kassen isn't there. Bravo blows up the drones. Jason gets Ray to pursue Kassen to another hideout. Clay questions Ray's motivation for doing so. Ray enters a building alone and locates Kassen, killing him when he lifts his gun. Sonny gets wounded in the resulting gunfire. Clay says Sonny's getting shot was on Jason. Sonny gets sent to Ramstein in Germany. Clay apologizes to Jason on the flight back and Sonny at the hospital. Davis arrives to visit. Sonny admits to Davis about his getting Hannah pregnant. But he tells Davis he has no doubt about being with her. Clay tells Stella he wants something like Ray and Naima have. Jason and Ray dissect the mission afterward. NCIS arrests Jason. 

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

When does a man need a reason to excuse reality? According to Winona Ryder, it bites.


Jason: How long's that going to take?
Ray: It depends on how distracted we are.