Davis Makes a Plan - SEAL Team
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Bravo Team is in trouble when the police close in.

The gang climbs under a bridge and Davis gets the all clear to go over the bridge into Colombia.

When they return home, Davis is tasked with a new role after what happened in her report.

She is happy that she gets to help with injustices in the Navy.

Jason turns to his daughter to apologize for his actions and they reach an understanding.

Jason goes to visit Mandy, and while she's surprised to see him, she gets close to him again.

They agree to make things right and have a relationship.

Ray is shocked to learn the veteran died and that he wanted to press on with the shelter.

Sonny tried to apologize to Clay but Clay did not want to hear it and continued with his life.

Clay told Jason he was taking a leave of absence after the next mission.

Everyone is deployed to take down an ISIS member.

Clay accepts Sonny's apology, but their car is blown up before they get a chance to really make things right.

The entire team is in danger. Sonny and Jason have blood on them and three men send RPGs their way.

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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Sonny: Well, now that we saved the world, why don't we, uh, go hit that diving in Santa Marta like you wanted to?
Clay: Mission success doesn't make us good.
Sonny: Look, man, I fucked up. I'm sorry...
Clay: No, Sonny. You are a fuckup. Got no room in my life for your chaos/

Davis: The Venezuelans are blaming the building collapse on... long-term degradation of reinforced concrete structural support.
Jason: Wow.