Change Comes Knocking - SEAL Team
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Jason argues with his daughter over what's been happening with his career.

She tries to get him eating healthy but she leaves and is upset.

Clay is off on parental leave but he wants to embark on a risky mission with the team in the name of keeping them safe.

He doesn't trust Jason anymore and is worried they go on the mission and get hurt.

Stella tells him she wouldn't forgive herself for keeping him from doing what's right and he goes on the mission.

Hannah breaks up with Sonny by telling him they're playing make-believe and she heads back to Texas.

Sonny breaks down but he still goes on the mission.

Ray finds out that he's off the hook and no one from Bravo team stuck him in. He's relieved but upset that command left him wondering what was going on.

Ray tells his wife his pension is safe and they proceed with their plans.

Jason makes a rash decision on the mission that wipes out their lead and Clay snaps, saying he made a mistake.

Jason goes after him and yells at him for questioning his authority and Clay says Jason's head is messed up.

Jason shoves him and tells him not to try and steal his job.

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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Jason: Hey, this whole no ranks bullshit. It stops, right now. You questioning my orders earlier and you just taking a run at me, right now, in front of my team? You looking for some kind of measuring contest, guess what, buddy? You're going to lose.
Clay: It's not what I'm doing.
Jason: Then what exactly are you doing?
Clay: I'm keeping this team safe.
Jason: That's my job. I don't need your help, six. You know, it's one thing for an operator to go outside the wire and miss the birth of his child, but to go outside the wire when your child is in the NICU, your son is fighting for his life, and all you care about is your ego.
Clay: Look, I am here, protecting Bravo from you, okay? Your head is not right and it hasn't been for months.
Jason: Interesting, huh, that's your fucking play? Stick me with a TBI and you have a clear path to Bravo 1?
Clay: You being compromised is dangerous.
Jason: You wanna know what's fucking dangerous, huh? You threatening your team leader, so you better think long and hard about what you say and do next because next time it's not going to be a fucking warning.

Ray: I've been looking over my shoulder for months, for what?
Eric: It wasn't anyone in Bravo. That's all I can say.