In Iran - SEAL Team
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Clay is at the veteran's center and Ben shows up, still rattled.

Ben talks about waking up at 2 am and how he won't be able to move on from this life.

Clay tries to get through to him that he will listen and that he should call him if there are any nights at 2 am because those thoughts are difficult.

Clay speaks to Stella and says that he's ready for their next chapter and their life has been governed by his work, so it would be a good idea to follow her dreams. He can work from anywhere.

She looks happy about it because she can finish her novel. Ben calls Clay frantic. Clay goes to see him at an intake center. He wants to torch it and prevent intakes.

When Clay doesn't want to help, he tries to shoot himself. Clay manages to talk him down and gets the gun. Security arrives and shoots Clay in the chest twice and he dies in a pool of blood.

The team follows a lead to Amman and it's a risky mission. They get the general and find out that Yasiri will be on the move in three days.

The General wants to know what will happen next.

There is so much uncertainty as we head into the next episode.

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SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Sonny: Please tell me that was Command calling telling us that we're going back to work. Because it's been over a week and I'm starting to go crazy.
Ray: No, it was Naima, just some vet center stuff.

Ray: All right, what'd I miss? What did I miss?
Jason: Brock massages.