Stating the Obvious - SEAL Team
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Bravo team is stronger than ever -- in terms of communication.

They're making big strides in their mission to take down Yasiri once and for all, but the trajectory of the mission changes when Jason gets the call.

Clay is dead -- shot by a security officer because he was holding Ben's gun.

Jason remains calm and collected until he tells the team. It's a powerful moment of shock and utter confusion.

Sonny reacts by saying that there's no way he's dead and picks up the phone to him for proof.

He struggles, but the rest of the team is trying to hold it together.

They can't go home and have a mission to complete. They pour one out for Clay and prepare to take down Yasiri.

The mission goes swimmingly, but things take a turn when they're preparing to leave the place behind. They can go home.

As a helicopter arrives to take them home, it's shot out of the sky by an RPG.

The team is in disbelief as they try to comprehend what just happened.

Back in the U.S., Davis learns of Clay's death and turns to Naima for support. Naima is worried that Stella will be upset because Clay had been going to the center a lot.

Stella shows up, crying, and tells them both that she knows Clay had a purpose again after going to the center and thanks Naima.


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SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Ray: Naima said Clay was shot by a security guard.
Sonny: Security guard? Doing what?
Ray: Sounds like he was involved in an attempted break-in at the Air Force recruitment center.
Sonny: Clay involved in a break-in? There's no fŐ˝cking way. Look, he's had his bumps on the road, okay, but he has his stuff squared away.
Ray: This doesn't make any sense, guys. Naima's gonna keep me updated.

Davis: If you've come to rub my face in it after Bravo achieved mission success, I deserve it.
Command: I wish this was about Bravo.
Davis: What's wrong?
Command: Clay was shot and killed last night.
Davis: What? No, that... that can't be. He's here, he's home with his family. Command: Details are sketchy at the moment.
Davis: This is going to destroy Sonny.