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Cassie requires the help of the Circle this week, following news she discovers about the witch hunters.

Adam tells Cassie he will do whatever he can to help her find her father, but there is no room for Jake between them.

Cassie meets Lucy Gibbons, a friend of her mother. As a psychic, she saw Cassie when she visited the boat yard through Jake's mind. Dawn had her marked and has been waiting for her to come back. She was John Blackwell's psychic to protect him from harm.

Witch hunters have been searching for Cassie for 16 years and will hunt her down and kill her.

Diana and Mr. Conant plan a birthday party for Adam.

When Cassie uses the medallion to try to throw off the witch hunters, she gets stuck and the house shakes. She tells Jake to run and save himself, but he saves her instead.

Diana gives a moving speech for Adam's party.

Charles drugs Adam's dad to steal the crystal.

The psychic is working for the witch hunters, stabs Dawn to death and tries to steal the circle's powers. Charles uses the crystal to bring her back to life.

Jake and Faye get it on.




The Secret Circle
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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

There's no room for Jake between us.


She did tell me something disturbing, though. Did you dig up your dad's grave? With Jake?


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Band of skulls the devil takes care of his own The Devil Takes Care Of His Own Band of Skulls iTunes
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