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A witch hunter tells Jake to give Blackwell a message this week.

Grant is back in Chance Harbor and after Diana.

Adam is enjoying his time without ties.

Faye and Melissa help Adam at the BoatHouse with a hockey party.

Cassie is still using magic.

Jake's visitor, Samuel, tells John Eben is going to summon demons to use their power, just like he was going to do 16 years ago.

Grant is telling lies to Diana about his boat, and life in general.

Samuel is infused with the same demon that killed Nick. He is the sacrifice.

John gives the circle a speech about witches rising up against witch hunters to save themselves.





The Secret Circle
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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Either Eben is grooming an army of idiots, or you're telling the truth about demons. And, honestly, I prefer the former.


I'm grateful. That I never have to see Adam bat his lashes at her undersized head again.


The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 18 Music

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Trailer trash tracys you wish you were red You Wish You Were Red Trailer Trash Tracys iTunes
Donora boom boom Boom Boom Donora iTunes
Howl baby howl a reason to give up A Reason To Give Up Howl Baby Howl iTunes