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With a demon taking over Melissa this week, we watch as she manipulates the coven to meet in their usual spot and also to cast a spell that will open a suitcase.

But once everyone realizes what is going on, they manage to knock Melissa out and Cassie fetches her grandmother. She tells her everything. We then see grandma work her older generation magic, get the demon out of Melissa and burn the suitcase full of snakes...

However, the demon needs a host and jumps over to Nick, who runs away. He heads over to talk with Dawn and implies that she summoned the demon in the first place. She does know its name. From there, she offers to host the demon, but only after they walk out of the restaurant and she gets a message to Charles. He pops up, slugs Nick, knocks him out and takes him to the water because he needs to drown the demon. But the takes too long doing so - and kills Nick.

Charles expresses extreme regret for his actions to Dawn but she sees the act as a necessary evil. The police report it as an accident.

The Secret Circle
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