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Ben broke the window to get out the car. Cornell offers him medical attention. Cornell offers him police protection, but he refuses. Christy tries to make Ben realize he is in danger, but it doesn't faze him.

Ben starts speaking about Kevin and Elaine, but Christy shuts him down and says he has went after two other neighbors so far. She tells him to go speak to Kevin before causing an argument.

The media disappears from outside because of a new story about a girl being kidnapped. Elaine grills Ben about his investigating. Kevin appears and argues with him.

Cornell forces Ben's family to have some protection.

Ben is watching the news and Natalie comes in to question why the police are outside. Ben comes clean to her.  Ben receives a video with Ben drunk and Dave speaking. Someone had the house bugged with cameras. Cornell questions his reasoning for this and says that they need to search the whole house. Ben agrees.

Ben decides to go stay with Dave to keep the family safe. Ben grabs the bag and puts the flashlight in it.

Dave is quizzing Ben about the murder weapon. Christy had an abortion five years ago.

Christy and the kids are out of town five years ago. We witness Ben's first meeting with Jess.

Dave's door goes. It's Jess. She has drink and wants to spend time with Ben. He says he can't do it. He runs after her, but she drives off into the night. Kevin appears behind him with a gun and ushers him into his car.

Ben is tied up, while Kevin clutches a notepad, a pen and a baseball. He picks up a hose and hauls water at Ben. Ben pleads with him, but he doesn't listen.

Kevin cuts Ben's clothes off. Kevin makes it clear he has done this before. He tells Ben that he answers all of his questions, or he will get punished.

Kevin says he is lying and pours water over him.

Kevin saw Jess and Ben having sex six years ago. Kevin slips up and makes it sound like Elaine stepped out on Kevin before.

Kevin leads him outside. He points the gun at his face. Ben pleads innocence and Kevin tells him to dig.

Ben overpowers Kevin and runs off with his cell phone to get a signal.  Kevin shoots at him and manages to get behind him and kicks the phone away.

Cornell appears and tells him to get the gun down. Dave contacted the police and they got the signal from his phone. Ben returns home and the family are being surprisingly nice to him.Ben walks out for air.

Ben's old boss is after Cornell and he needs Ben's help.



Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ben, someone's after you.


Why would somebody do this?